Clear Your Home

How to Clear Bad Energy from Your House or Yourself:

Many people complain that they can feel bad energy in their home or in their office. Many have a hard time concentrating on their projects because the space feels “bad” or “cluttered with energy” or “just negative”.

Do you know you can clear it in just a few minutes?

Years ago people would tell each other to live with it.

Now we know we can take control of our space and decide what we want our space to feel like.

You are alive in this world for a reason and the space you use to “live in” is yours to experience your life. If you are looking for a new home, or if your current home feels bad, take a few minutes and clear the space.

It works best if you start in whatever room you are currently in. Just take a moment, shut your eyes and visualize the room you are in. Here are a few tips for clearing out bad energy. Some of these apply only to spaces, but others you can use to clear your own energy too.

Feel free to call in your higher power, universal energy, your creator, or whatever source that allows you to feel connected. Let your consciousness fill all the space in the room. Fill the room, now think “This is my space. Clear away all energy from this space. Fill the space with radiant vibrant energy now.”

burst of light

For me, I picture a big floating pair of scissors cutting away all the strands of old energy and sending them up and away from my space. If this picture feels right to you, feel free to use it. Do this as much as you like, until you “know” that it is gone. The key is to be clear in your mind that it is gone. When you do this, all the negative energy that’s around will no longer linger. You have consciously taken control of your space.

Ideas for Changing the Energy in Your Home:


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